"Cowgirl makes music that people connect to, Real Life Music. Everyone becomes a Fan, Everyone"


"I first heard Missy Covill aka The Iron Cowgirl in 2010 at the Buffalo Chip In Sturgis where she was performing. My Friend Charlie Brechtel told me about her. I heard her before I got to the stage and started to get a good feeling and then my feet started to think I could dance.That is a good sign that I like what I am hearing. I have to say I was impressed as I continued to listen. Later in the day I got to actually meet her and as we talked about the 15,000 miles she had ridden in 10 weeks before ending up at the Chip I got to know more about her and her music and went to see her when we were in the same part of the country.



Contact Info:

Iron Cowgirl Missy, LLC

P.O. Box 82, Napoleon, MI, 49261




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