"This band brings professional talent and energy to every stage they perform, leaving an audience wanting more!"

The music, the lyrics, the passion, are all making an impression on the music industry. Performing at ampi-theatre's, Festivals, County Fair's, Motorcycle Rallies, Convention Center's, and charity benefits, and some of the largest stages in the U.S!  This band has performed around the United States and Canada, and continues to spread the news of Iron Cowgirl Music!




"Perfect for entertainment at any event."


Rhythm guitar, lead guitar, keys, bass, vocals and drums, complete this band and after-show meet and greets are always welcomed. The band appreciates each and every fan!  Iron Cowgirl brings professional talent and outstanding energy to every stage, leaving an audience wanting more!

The band not only plays Iron Cowgirl music, they feel it, some have lived it, and they all believe in it. The dedicated fans enjoy the truth found in each song, and venues/promoters suggest Iron Cowgirl Missy as "perfect for entertainment at any event." Daymon Woodruff, Sturgis Buffalo Chip says,"There's no doubt about it, Iron Cowgirl, Missy Covill is a writer, as well as a hard working performer, with a talented, dedicated, professional band backing her all the way!"

Promoters and Producers of venues have invited the band back to events, year after year, with outstanding remarks. They also know that this band not only gives a great performance on stage, they perform  with marketing, internet advertising, blogs, internet flyers, radio/newspaper events, advertisement on many social networks, and many other methods of promoting not only Iron Cowgirl Music, but YOUR EVENT as well. Working together to accomplish one's goals is in both parties best interest, and Iron Cowgirl Missy is building an outstanding reputation for their hard work, and marketing!


"A talented, dedicated, professional band backing her all the way!"



The band has also become a staple at the worlds largest music festival in Sturgis, South Dakota during the Sturgis Motorcycle rallly at The Legendary Sturgis Buffalo Chip, as well as being a big part of activities such as the annual Fan Fest, Biker Belles, and performing on the Legendary Wolf Man Jack Stage as many acts such as Zac Brown, Loverboy, Kid Rock, Buck Cherry, War, Queensryche, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Collective Soul, Motley Crue, Toby Keith, The Doobie Brothers, Alice Cooper, ZZ Top, Florida-Georgia Line, Pop Evil, Cheap Trick, and many more!

Contact The Band for BOOKING! We would like to add your venue to our tour! Email info@ironcowgirlmissy.com for more info! 






Missy Covill

Lead Vocalist/Guitarist/Writer

Detroit native, Missy Covill has been playing guitar, performing and writing her own music for the last ten years, and has been writing since age 12. She shares her story of life through her music, and what an inspiring story it is. Her distinctive ability to tell stories through her music is powerful and her gritty and edgy vocals naturally match her inspiring lyrics and tunes. Missy is a dedicated and serious rock artist with an unbelievable drive to chase her dreams and encourage others to do the same. She is a mother, a cancer survivor, retired welder and has an intense drive to succeed. Missy takes the reins, booking, organizing, hiring, web design, marketing and everything that comes along with running a business. She is without a doubt, on a mission and has performed with many well known, amazing musicians. She is honored to have received several awards for her outstanding commitment to help others. Such as WeFightLikeaGirl, Cleveland Cancer Clinic, Cancer Orgs., MDA, St. Jude Childrens Hospital, U.S. Military, and many more. She is also an avid motorcyclist, logging more than 150,000 miles and a member of AMA, Motor Maids, Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame, and a HOG Member.  More About Missy





 Lead Guitarist- Troy, MI.

Billy grew up on the east side of Detroit and began learning guitar when his dad unexpectedly brought an older used guitar home.  He took a few lessons from local heroes, Robert Gillespie and Chuck Miller during the high school years.   Washed a lot of dishes to buy his first Les Paul.  While attending Wayne State University, he studied finance and music theory.  Created a career in business and got married.  Decided to start a band while on a business trip in Las Vegas.  Apparently, not everything stays in Vegas.  Later, he studied with Robert Noll and performed with a few groups.  Billy has one wife, one daughter, one dog and 13 guitars, so I guess he just can’t get it out of his blood.  Favorite genres are rock, blues, country and an eclectic mix of the good stuff.






Bassist- Belleville, Michigan

Joel Adkins, a seasoned and professional bassist who has performed hundreds of shows.  He has decades of experience, as well as an awesome stage presence!  Joel has a love for music, and it shows! He has also shared the stage with many national acts! We are all excited to announce him performing with us in 2019! 





Drummer- Toledo, Ohio

Jeromey is 30 years old and has played drums since he was 8 years old. His father thought him how to play “Wipe-out” on an old marching snare and he took it from there. Completely self-taught. Grew-up in Perrysburg Ohio. Currently lives in Toledo Ohio. Works as a scheduler for a chrome plating facility in Toledo Ohio. 




Keys - West Branch, Michigan

Nashville writer, and also a multi-talented musician! John has performed for decades, and done hundreds of shows! He is without a doubt an amazing keyboard player, as well as singer!  We are glad to have him back for the 2019 touring season! 


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