"They are more than fans, they are friends sharing this amazing musical journey I'm on."




The fans are growing, and they're taking Iron Cowgirl Music to the next level.

From The United States, to Australia, South Africa, to the beautiful sands of Crete, Iron Cowgirl Fans are global. The fans promote Iron Cowgirl Music 365 days a year by internet social networking, word of mouth, and also by being at a gig. There is no doubt about it, the fans know the lyrics to the songs, many of them can relate to every word.

After every performance, the band gets to know the fans a little better by doing a meet & greet.  Fans gather to share their stories, purchase signed CD's, T-Shirts, Posters, and share special memories of relating to life and the love of the open road.  The venues that the band performs, is largly due to where the fans want her. The fans contributes to where the band travels and performs.  If there is one thing that Missy Covill is serious about, it's her fans and the relationship she carries so close to her heart.  The fans believe in her and the music.  Most of the fans know what it's like to live life and chase dreams.



"Through the good and not so good, the fans and I are a team, and a huge support system to each other. Thank you so much for your friendship and support!".... Missy Covill








Missy Covill, out in the crowd prior to a show, playing her song, "United We Must Stand" for a military veteran. Sturgis, South Dakota is the largest gathering for Iron Cowgirl fans, and Missy Covill is thankful for every fan who attends gigs, promotes to friends, as well as promoting to thousands, via social media.

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