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Heart of Steel album has received great reviews and the lyrics "hit home with everyone who hears them".



Since released, the album "Heart of Steel" has been distributed online, around the world, and also getting live air-play throughout the United States.  The release of "Chasing My Dreams" has proved that Missy Covill is on a mission to tell her story through music! The albums have everything to do with having a "heart of steel" and "chasing my dreams". These albums are a collection of life experiences about a girl who beat cancer, lifes challenges and found freedom on 2-wheels.  As described in the song "Open Road",  a 15,000 miles journey to many states led her to write about the trials and tribulations of life, and of letting it all go.

"Heart of Steel" , or "Chasing My Dreams" can be purchased by sending $10.00 to:

Iron Cowgirl Missy, LLC. P.O. Box 82 Napoleon, Michigan 49261

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